Become a Reassurance Specialist

Are you interested in helping disabled and elderly people from the convenience of your own home?

CONTACT Reassurance Specialists maintain daily telephone contact with elderly who live alone and the homebound by checking on their well-being, helping them adjust to changing situations, and guiding them to cope with the problems of aging.

Reassurance Specialists make a significant contribution to many who would otherwise be left in isolation. The 6-hour training program is taught by experts in the topics of active listening for senior adults; telephone emotional support, and suicide prevention. Portions of the training may be taken online.

Requirements of a Reassurance Specialist:

  • Must own a working telephone and Internet-enabled computer
  • Complete a 6-hour training from CONTACT Reassurance staff
  • Able to cover at least four 3-hour shifts per month
  • Maintain anonymity and confidentiality with clients
  • Report any cases of emergency to CONTACT Reassurance staff for further action

If you are able to meet these requirements, you are an eligible candidate to become a CONTACT Reassurance Specialist.

Training Registration - Reassurance Program

If you are interested in becoming a Reassurance Specialist, please contact us.

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  • Wilson, 27, lost his grandfather to cancer last year. His grandfather was his best friend. Dealing with the loss was hard, but something surprised Wilson. He missed talking to his grandfather and listening to the great stories of his grandfather’s past. Wilson knew that many seniors don’t have someone to listen to them and their stories. He decided it was time to give back, in memory of his grandfather. Wilson has volunteered for CONTACT Reassurance for three months and loves chatting and listening to stories from seniors in his area. Wilson knows his grandfather would be proud of the good he is doing for the community.
    - In Memory Of
  • Carol, 37, was lonely. Being blind, as well as having several other disabilities, it was hard for her to get out and socialize. But then, she heard about CONTACT Reassurance. She did not want to receive calls, but to make them. Now, Carol is a trained Reassurance Specialist and makes calls to seniors daily. Carol is grateful for the social interaction and loves to chat with senior clients, and the seniors look forward to her calls. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is helping whom at CONTACT Reassurance.
    - Carol Cares
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